Diamond dressing cutter

NOTA offers high quality diamond dressers for dressing, grinding wheels or profiling:

– unpolished single point dressers
– profile diamond dressers
– multigrain dressers

We invite you to send a request to prepare the detailed information and pricing.

Diamond Dressing

They are used in the process of sharpening and profiling wheels. Diamond Dressing multigrain may also be used for grinding superhard materials such as diamond or CBN.

Single point wheel dresser:

One embedded in the holder, a large grain of diamond. Choosing the right size depends on the diameter of the diamond grinding wheel, or the width of the blade.

Dressing multigrain

Are used for simple dressing at high speeds and low technical requirements.

Type M2010, M2110;
serial and multigrain layered dressers

Type M2210, M2220;
aggregate diamond dressers